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Hama = Norias + Orontes

As to my expectations Hama is a city of modest buildings, not crowded at least in the city center, a space for breathing air and receiving sunshine. It was pleasing the round way about the citadel, with wide pavements, and clean asphalt.

Hama City. Orontes. NoriaHama. Norias On OrontesHama. Norias On OrontesOrontesNorias On Orontes

The look from citadel is especially appealing. You see the bridge of roman-byzantine type from one side, norias, old mosques, a church (at least what I noted), and still newly built Al-Sham hotel, and other historic buildings. Nouri mosque is near too, you can reach by foot after some minutes.

Orontes River is great too, although sluggishly flowing, with still waters found in some locations. Norias on it give special tone, with many bridges built newly, and paved with fine marble.

Panoramic views of Hama from top hill:

An Ancient Bridge. Now On Main Road. HamaView From HilltopHama. Panorama From The HillOld Town Look

Hama Traditions Museum Building:

Hama Traditions MuseumHama Traditions Museum. The Second FloorHama Traditions Museum. The Second FloorHama Traditions Museum. The Second FloorHama Traditions Museum. BackyardHama Traditions Museum. The Second FloorHama Traditions MuseumHama Traditions Museum. FrontyardHama Traditions Museum. FrontyardHama Traditions Museum. FrontyardHama. The National Traditions MuseumHama Traditions Museum. BackyardHama Traditions Museum. BackyardHama Traditions Museum. The Second Floor

Hama Traditions Museum which is also named “Qasr Al-Azm” like the one in Damascus, is a lovely place, the building is more attractive than what is exhibited inside, actually we didn’t spend much time inside the rooms, as the exhibits are universal among Damascus, Aleppo and other “traditions” museums in Syria.

The building is said to be from middle centuries, and is similar to the many Arabic style buildings in Aleppo, or Damascus. The courtyard in the middle inside with a greenish water pool, with small statues, is beautiful. The museum naturally placed in the old streets of Hama, also similar to Aleppo ones, with some difference in the color of stones, here is whiter.

The square which is called “Assi” was never jammed or crowded contrary to my surprise. This is just near to a park built actually on Orontes’s basin. You can walk here and watch the norias. I missed the moment of taking pictures of norias while they are working.

And finally the highway from Aleppo side comes itself towards the city center. We didn’t have much difficulty in finding our way.

Nature scenes from Hama district:

Hama-Aleppo Highway SideHama NatureHama. NatureHama. Nature.Hama. Nature

Hama, inside city:

Hama City CenterA Byzantine Souvenir In Hama City Center On StreetOrontes. The Historic RiverNorias On OrontesHama StreetsNorias On OrontesNorias On OrontesChildren In Hama Playing OutdoorsNouri Mosque MinaretA Hand-made WaterfallHama. Old TownHama Old TownHama Old TownOld TownAt Nouri MosqueOld TownHama Old StreetsStreet Near Norias And Old Bridge

We met an atelier, who was owned by Painter Samir Tanbar, he made paintings by coffee for the first ever trial in Syria. His atelier is just near Hama Traditions Museum. Here is how looked a collage of his paintings:

A Hamawi Painter's AtelierA Hamawi Painter's Atelier

The park at the tophill, where lies remnants of ancient citadel:

Hama. Remnants Of Past On TophillRemnants Of Roman Ruins On The Hill Of HamaHilltop Park In HamaHama City Park