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Kesab Mountainous Area

kesab 04-aug-2008 N36

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Coastline streets

A pink one Waves in Mediterranean sea Highlands A coastal home Sands wet The coastal street in Um Tuyur Sunset at Um Tuyur village Oven tannour تنور The red thing Looking from sea inwards Sunset on Mediterranean sea Highlands and fog Mountains near sea North-west Syrian coast Syria coastal regions Alghab plains in Syria

Northwest Syria: Kasab

Church in Kesab Kesab village-town in northwestern Syria DSC01251 DSC01250 DSC01247 General view of Kesab from mountainside DSC01242 DSC01240 DSC01239 DSC01237 DSC01232 DSC01230 DSC01229 DSC01228 DSC01224 DSC01223 DSC01222 DSC01219 DSC01218 DSC01216 DSC01215 DSC01214 DSC01209 DSC01208 DSC01206 DSC01205 DSC01204 DSC01198 DSC01197 DSC01195 DSC01193 DSC01192 DSC01191 DSC01190 DSC01189 DSC01187 DSC01185 DSC01184 DSC01182 DSC01180 DSC01179 DSC01177 DSC01176 DSC01175 DSC01174 DSC01173 DSC01168 DSC01167 DSC01166 DSC01165 DSC01164 DSC01163 DSC01161 DSC01160 DSC01156 DSC01151 DSC01147 DSC01146 DSC01144

Kasab’s Samra region:


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North-west Syrian coastal region

Mediterranean sea at Badrusiye

Syrian coastal region is beautiful especially in the north-west part. There you can find forests of Furolloq, the little town of Kesab (Kassab), and seaside dwellings of Ras El-Basit and Badrusiye. The coastal road is a beautiful one extending from Lattakia to north to these areas. The road is widened lately and it is comfortable to drive and enjoy the surrounding wonderful nature. Here are some pictures of what it presents:

Mediterranean sea at Badrusiye Mediterranean sea at Badrusiye Mediterranean sea Little dinasaur Simple and calm Welcome to Kesab road sign Simple and calm Ras El-Basit Ras El-Basit little coastal area Simple and calm Coastal road at Ras El-Basit Lattakia - Kesab road Green Rocky coast A little lake on road to Ras El-Basit

Ras El-Basit seaside

Clouds Parade

Branches Sustain

What happens if you go directly after heavy rain outside to see the horizon?
Come and see these clouds on St. Simeon Cathedral ruins!

Clouds On St. Simeon CathedralStones Happy With Sunlight After Heavy RainCloudsClouds And LightsClouds And Lights After RainAfter Stormy Rain

A Bit Of Sunrays

Sad WeatherSt. Simeon Cathedral CourtSky WinterHere Were PeopleFrom The PastAt The Edge OfClouds PlaySky Details

Like A Painting


Mashkita, Lattakia District. Syria

A beautiful resort, village and nature in the Lattakia province.

Mashkita, Lattakia District. SyriaLake Near MashkitaBalcony Of WoodMashkita, Lattakia District. Syria

Forests Of Furolloq. North-West Syrian Nature

Wooden Balconies In Forests - Furolloq

Furolloq forests are most wonderful tree-covered areas in Syria. Autumn scenes are especially beautiful. Unfortunately these places suffered fires in Summer. Now there are more police to watch around, and people also should be cautious for fire.

Wooden Balconies In Forests - FurolloqFurolloq ForestsAutumn Scenes In Furolloq ForestsAutumn Scenes In Furolloq ForestsFurolloq ForestsFurolloq ForestsFurolloq Forests