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People’s Letters To Us

:: fantastic collection

Hi Hovic

Your pictures are wonderful – I'm spending a lot of time
looking at them (and abeedo's)! I hope to visit Syria this
winter and am taking inspiration from your fantastic shots.

So thanks for taking them – please continue!




Katpix (a Canadian citizen):
I can’t believe the richness of history of your country. Well, I can believe it. I am just admiring all these fantastic pictures. These ruins, these palaces and temples were once flourishing cities. You photograph them so lovingly, and present them here to us to enjoy and to think about.
Even if I don’t comment, I look through your pictures often, and I always find something wonderful! Thank you!

Comments On Syria Looks Album From World-People

Katpix said:
Thank you for showing your country so lovingly. I discovered your piece of the world, and all the beauty in it, through your photos.
Have a happy Christmas and wishing you and yours all the best for the coming new year.
Vittoriosa said:
Thank you so much for posting these so those who haven’t been able to visit (*yet) can see Syria’s beautiful archaeological sites. Beautiful!

Thanks For All Commentators In Advance

Syria is full of history, and I love the historic sites, and love also going to these spots. All pictures in my post are mine. My not-so-smart digital camera helps to produce this blog. Thanks in advance for who comments. I would be happy if my blog frees you from daily routine and makes a smile on your face.