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Aleppo Citadel. Unseen corners

From Aleppo CitadelAleppo Citadel AmphitheatreAleppo Citadel Museum BuildingAleppo Citadel Museum BuildingThe Big Mosque Court Inside Aleppo Citadel
The Big Mosque Of Aleppo CitadelInside The Mysterious Ways Of Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo old buildings renovated.

Aleppo Old Streets Buildings Renovated


Spring At Citadel Of Aleppo

Citadel of Aleppo is a lovely place, there can be seen different scenes in different times of the year.

Aleppo Citadel Front View

Something Red On Surface Of Aleppo Citadel

Citadel Of Aleppo City

The Exposed Old Stones At The Museum Of Citadel Of Aleppo City

At The Surface Of Citadel Of Aleppo City

Aleppo Panorama From The Citadel

A Tower On The Surface Of Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo Citadel. The Museum Front

Aleppo Citadel. The Mosque Yard

Aleppo Citadel. Museum And Cafe Area

Aleppo Citadel. The Surface

Aleppo Viewed From Citadel

Aleppo Now

Arabica Cafe In Aziziye Street

Some pictures from Aleppo citadel and streets.

Aleppo CitadelAleppo CitadelAleppo CitadelAleppo CitadelAleppo Citadel

Aleppo Aziziye Streets

Aleppo Old Markets (Souks)

And Aleppo last week, during rains.

Aleppo Dusk

AleppoAleppoAleppoReflectionLogsDusk TimeAleppo DuskDusk TimeAleppo DuskAleppo EveningAleppo DuskAleppo Aziziye Streets Dusktime

Flowers blossom,


while the sky is burning at sunset..

Sky is Burning

Shibani School-Church Museum in Aleppo, Syria

Shibani school-church court

Shibani Church Court

Shibani Court Through WindowShibani Court RoofShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani Chruch CourtShibani Church Court

In one of halls of Shibani museum, there were children’s paintings exhibition.

Painting Exhibition of Children

Shibani museum.
Aleppo Topography

Shibani MuseumOld Aleppean HouseShibani MuseumStones Ayubid Era

Aleppo as seen from Shibani school-church complex’s roof.

Aleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old Town

Then when come tired out of Shibani, a sunset and dusky scenes near Aleppo citadel refreshes you (F5).

Aleppo SunsetAleppo SunsetAleppo CitadelHammam Yalbugha FrontAleppo Citadel

Aleppo Citadel At Different DayTimes

This pic is just before sunset well.

These pics are taken after sunset.

This is Aleppo Souk (covered shops in the old streets), it was iftar time, some souvenir selling shops were open.

Midday In Aleppo

Sometimes I am bored on Fridays and Saturdays if I don’t come out of Aleppo. Ok, just within Aleppo. Especially at noon, nobody in the streets.
The citadel now is dry like a patient in dehydration.

Walking in the midday around the citadel. What I met, here they are.

Aleppo Citadel Night Pics