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Some black & white photographs

Orontes river in Darkush town
Orontes river in Darkush نهر العاصي في بلدة دركوش

Byzantine church A village home Burj Haidar's church in a villager's garden Ancient things Surqania location's ancient church Study Students St. Teqla church Limestone Massifs of west Aleppo

Village street
Market in village سوق في بلدة ارمناز

My “Black And White”s

Byzantine Era RuinsByzantine Era RuinsByzantine RuinsSinkhar Location Byzantine Era RuinsSinkhar Location Byzantine Era RuinsShibani Church And SchoolShibani Church And SchoolSculptures. Roman and Byzantine heritage.Sculptures. Roman and Byzantine heritage.Museum Of MosaicsKharab Al-Shams WBChurch FaçadeAn Ancient LocationBenchOld BenchThe Roof