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Krak Des Chevaliers

krak panorama 2010-11-26_13-18-25

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Harem Castle

harem castle 047 11-07-2008

This castle is built on a high hill, near Harem town at north-west Syria, now very adjacent to Turkish border at Iskenderoun district.

The castle is mentioned primarily during crusades, and was an important stop for attackers and defenders.

Arabic article here.
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harem castle 048 11-07-2008

Der Sharqi and the Syrian fields of gold

Here rests the king (khalifeh) Omar ibn Abdul-Aziz, the Omayyad king.

Der Sharqi

Der Sharqi Der Sharqi Der Sharqi Der Sharqi Der Sharqi

The Syrian gold is…

Fields of gold

A pathway in fields Rural road Aleppo-Damascus highway Syria Countryside Syria - hallmark Syria - hallmark Rural scene

Qasr Alheer Alsharqi قصر الحير الشرقي

Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي

Qasr Alheer Alsharqi (Eastern Alheer Palace) is located in the heart of the desert in Syria at distance of 128 km from Palmyra and 100 km from Sergiopolis (Rusafa). It was built by Umayyad kalif Hisham Ibn Abdul-Malek about 740 A.D. in an area rich in desert fauna.
It is said that kalif was used to pass his leasure time here, and go for hunting and learn pure Arabic from local bedouin tribes.

The palace is composed of two structures, the bigger one has a diameter of 300m and the lesser one 100m. It is found at the slopes of Bishri Mountain, near Palmyran Middle Mountains. The palaces contain remnants of rooms, arches and columns seem to be parts of a huge complex of royal premises. Some of the decorated parts are moved to Damascus National Museum.

The bigger palace has been several floors, with a huge gate and many towers. Towers were not built as defensive measures. There were also olive yards and a oil extracting mills. The palaces were supplied by water from nearby byzantine church by a canal 5700m long. The palaces contained bathrooms, water reservoirs, mosques and gardens.

Qasr Alheer Alsharqi Qasr Alheer Alsharqi Qasr Alheer Alsharqi Qasr Alheer Alsharqi Qasr Alheer Alsharqi Qasr Alheer Alsharqi Qasr Alheer Alsharqi Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي

Eastern Alheer Palace قصر ال�ير الشرقي

Jdeideh Old Streets – Aleppo City

Old Town Streets

Aleppo old streets are quite appealing place with its ancient cobblestone pathways and old buildings. I would say Aleppo old town is distinct from other places in Syria. This is what I gathered from peoples’ impressions in the net.

Wall SignsOld Town RoofsAleppo Traditions Museum Court Wall

A bw pic of Jdeideh square:

Jdeideh Square

Old houses windows here, some of shots taken in Aleppo traditions museum:

A Corner In Traditions MuseumAleppo Traditions Museum Court WallAleppo Traditions Museum Court WallAleppo Old Houses BalconiesAleppo Old Houses Balconies

Jdeideh square is one of oldest squares in Aleppo. The good thing that it is now full of jewellary shops (goldensmith’s and silversmith’s plus antique objects).
A lot of restaurants and hotels built on old style are now there.

Jdeideh Square

Jdeideh SquareJdeideh SquareAn Old Home With Disordered StateSold At Eids -   Itinerant's CornerAleppo RoofsAleppean Old StreetOld Town's Rooms   - RoofAleppean RoofsJdeideh HotelJdeideh

Aleppean RoofsAleppean Old Street

Shibani Church-School

Aleppo. Now is museum too.

Shibani Church And School

Shibani Church-School CourtShibani Church-School CourtShibani Church And SchoolShibani Church And SchoolShibani Church And SchoolShibani Church And School

Shibani Church And School

Shamamis (Shmeimis) Castle

Syria, south-east Hama.
The sign board says:
The castle is built by Homsi (Emesa) princes in the first century B.C., and then devastated by earthquakes.
In 613, it was again ruined by Arab-Persian wars.
At the period of Islamic rule, it was neglected, until 1229 Ayoubid prince of Homs rebuilt it.
Mongolian tribes ruined it once more in 1260.
Al-Daher Bibros king rebuilt it after Mongolian disaster, and till today it is what left from that era.
ADIYAT association says it is still being ruined by careless people.

DSC06245.JPGDSC06244.JPGShamamis CastleShamamis CastleView From Shamamis CastleShamamis CastleShamamis Castle Road