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Aleppo City Center

Aleppo 2010-10-30_05Aleppo Downtown شارع شكري قوتلي حلبAleppo 2010-10-30_04Aleppo 2010-10-30_03Aleppo 2010-10-30_02Aleppo 2010-10-30_01aleppo 2010-12-18__13aleppo 2010-12-18__11aleppo 2010-12-18__06 hotelaleppo 2010-12-18__04 hotelaleppo 2010-12-18__03. Shukri Quatli Streetaleppo 2010-12-18__07


Jdeideh Old Streets – Aleppo City

Old Town Streets

Aleppo old streets are quite appealing place with its ancient cobblestone pathways and old buildings. I would say Aleppo old town is distinct from other places in Syria. This is what I gathered from peoples’ impressions in the net.

Wall SignsOld Town RoofsAleppo Traditions Museum Court Wall

A bw pic of Jdeideh square:

Jdeideh Square

Old houses windows here, some of shots taken in Aleppo traditions museum:

A Corner In Traditions MuseumAleppo Traditions Museum Court WallAleppo Traditions Museum Court WallAleppo Old Houses BalconiesAleppo Old Houses Balconies

Jdeideh square is one of oldest squares in Aleppo. The good thing that it is now full of jewellary shops (goldensmith’s and silversmith’s plus antique objects).
A lot of restaurants and hotels built on old style are now there.

Jdeideh Square

Jdeideh SquareJdeideh SquareAn Old Home With Disordered StateSold At Eids -   Itinerant's CornerAleppo RoofsAleppean Old StreetOld Town's Rooms   - RoofAleppean RoofsJdeideh HotelJdeideh

Aleppean RoofsAleppean Old Street

Aleppo Citadel And Old Streets Shots

Aleppo Citadel New Look

Aleppo Citadel New LookAleppo Citadel New LookAleppo Old Streets

Aleppo Old Streets

Shibani Church-School

Aleppo. Now is museum too.

Shibani Church And School

Shibani Church-School CourtShibani Church-School CourtShibani Church And SchoolShibani Church And SchoolShibani Church And SchoolShibani Church And School

Shibani Church And School

Old Aleppo Streets, And What They Harbour

Old Aleppo HousesAleppo has many beautiful hidden old streets. Here is one of them, Aqaba street, which lies near to Bab Aljnen area.

Winter Pale Light On Aleppo CitadelAleppo LookAqaba SteetOld Aleppo StreetOld HousesAn Old Houses' ViewOld MosqueAleppo Old StreetsOld AleppoOld AleppoOld AleppoAleppo Old Streets

Shibani School-Church Museum in Aleppo, Syria

Shibani school-church court

Shibani Church Court

Shibani Court Through WindowShibani Court RoofShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani CourtShibani Chruch CourtShibani Church Court

In one of halls of Shibani museum, there were children’s paintings exhibition.

Painting Exhibition of Children

Shibani museum.
Aleppo Topography

Shibani MuseumOld Aleppean HouseShibani MuseumStones Ayubid Era

Aleppo as seen from Shibani school-church complex’s roof.

Aleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old TownAleppo, Old Town

Then when come tired out of Shibani, a sunset and dusky scenes near Aleppo citadel refreshes you (F5).

Aleppo SunsetAleppo SunsetAleppo CitadelHammam Yalbugha FrontAleppo Citadel

Aleppo Night Scenes

This is near citadel, cafe.

You see here Omayyad mosque near citadel, in old town.

Some new trends also in Aleppo, beside olds.