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Qalb Lawza (Loza) كنيسة قلب اللوزة

The architectural quality and beautiful decoration of Qalb Loza are present even in the smaller details. Thus the small windows of the upper storey of the nave have square openings but, on the outside, a finely-cut double fluting prolongs these square frames in graceful half-circles. Such simple and delicate touches relieve any coarseness that a building built of such a big block of stone (the roof blocks are five meters long) might otherwise have. The basilica at Qalb Loza isn’t a cathedral. Its powerful, somewhat square shape gives it more the appearance of a large country church. But in this wild solitary setting it seems like a challenge. With its three big rounded arches at the front, its apse behind, it has survived twelve or thirteen centuries of oblivision.