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Mirza Castle

Mirza castle, called also Bourzey castle, is from 10-th century structures. First Byzantines built it, then fortifications added to the doors by Ayoubids. Mamelouks also added some features. Visible structures are a small church, 21 towers, cisterns of waters, arrow shooters stands, etc.

Mirza castle is unreachable by car. The western façade is most probable to be climbed, and that we did to reach the castle. We parked the car at the spring of the village near to it, by 3 km, and then walked newly digged road which brings you to the western façade.

Mirza castle is still away from hands of people who constantly mess up some of the structures, stones, features of the ruined places. This place is recommended for scouts, exercising their ability to climb mountains. It was a joy to reach the old stones, but after being soaked like in water! The silence of the place was great.

Mirza Castle Slope Which We Climbed

The Southern Facade Of Mirza CastleThe Southern SlopeAn Opening In Walls Of Mirza CastleMirza CastleEast Look Mirza Castle. Syria.Mirza Castle WallsMirza Castle. Looking East To Alghab PlainsVillage HomeOld Stones Of Mirza CastleSnakesOn The Top Of Mirza CastleThe Steepness Of The Part Which We ClimbedLooking West From Mirza CastleMirza Castle From West

Window In Mirza CastleAn Opening In The Old Walls