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Slenfeh Highlands

Slenfeh is one of most green and wonderful mountain-sides in Syria. There are many summits and highlands full of many kinds of trees. The altitude here is above 1500m, snow in winter, cool in summer. Visitors enjoy the historical sites: Salaheddin castle, Mahalibeh castle, and ancient village of Aramo, where can be found an old church.

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Slenfeh Highlands


Images from Slenfeh

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This scene of snow really reminds someone of Austria, but it is still in moderate climate zones, e.g. in Syria. We have such beatiful places, things for every taste, but I think no one till now thought about having skiing or other winter sports centers.

Slenfeh, Syria.

Slenfeh Road Through Snow

Slenfeh, located 50km east to Lattakia, on 1200-1600m altitude, is the highest point in Syria. It has the coldest weather in winter, here snows while maybe in Lattakia, people walk with shirts.
The beautiful nature of Slenfeh is attracting. It is near also to Salah El-din castle, and to Al-Ghab plains from the other side.
It worths being here for snow-mad people, but I don’t know if there is skiing entertaining resorts.