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Cloudy day at ruins

In one of stormy days of May, I took my parents to a trip (arabic = shmm hawa), and it was unfortunately for them.. rainy, fortunately for me to be in such a climate at ruins. So I took this pictures for you 🙂

Old church

Old church


Sheikh Suleiman Village Ruins

Sinkhar Location Byzantine Era Ruins

Hundreds of byzantine era ruins locations scattered in north-west, west, and south-west of Aleppo, and seperately in Jabal Zawiye region, are rich materials for photographing, seeing and enjoying the history.

Sinkhar Location Byzantine Era RuinsWild PlantDSC08099Sinkhar Location Byzantine Era RuinsSinkhar Location Byzantine Era Ruins Byzantine RuinsByzantine RuinsByzantine RuinsByzantine RuinsByzantine Era RuinsByzantine Era RuinsByzantine Era RuinsByzantine Era RuinsByzantine Ruins

Byzantine Era Ruins

Byzantine Ruins