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St. Elian Church, Homs, Syria.

I have posted about this church before. But as my friend hadn’t seen it, I took him there, I didn’t resist myself to return by empty hands. So the pictures this time may look other.
Just to remember: the church is dedicated to Elian, a doctor who helped the poor. He gave his services freely generously. He accepted christianity and helped the prisoners of faith in medical field. His father arrested him, tortured him.
The church is built in the place of his coffin, where was discovered in 1970. The church is painted by Romanian painter Morosha who spent 9 months to accomplish the job. Thanks to him. Posted by hovic.


Khaled Ibn Al Walid Mosque

Khaled ibn walid mosque.
Khaled is one of most important arab figures in the beginning of Islamic area in Syria. He was one of commanders of Prophet Muhammad.
He won the battle of Yarmuk against Byzantines.
He died in about 642 in Emesa (nowadays Homs), and is buried in this mosque, named after him.
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Syriac Catholic Church. Homs.

X-mas In Homs.

Centre Of Homs, The Ruins Of Ancients

Homs is an ancient city dating back to the year 2300 B.C and was known in Roman times as Emesa, which contained a great temple to the sun god El Gebal (Aramaic; Latin: Elagabalus; Greek: Heliogabalus). Emesa was ruled by a line of priest-kings throughout the Roman Empire, and two of its nobility rose to become emperor, Elagabalus and Severus Alexande who ruled Rome from 193 to 211. Four Homs women became Roman Empresses -Julia Domma, Julia Maesa, Julia Mammea and Julia Soemia. Aurelian (reigned AD 270-275) made the town his headquarters and there defeated Queen Zenobia of Palmyra. Emesa’s fortunes were always tied with the trade city of Palmyra. As long as Palmyra flourished so did Emesa. When Zenobia was defeated at Palmyra in about 272 AD, Emesa declined.

Yellow-To-Brown Colors Mixed Face

Yellow-to-brown colors’ mixed face.
Now I want you to look at churches’ courtyards, which are purely in arabic style, with yellow-brick-brown colors constellation.
Very characteristic style for old enclosed yards, in Syria’s historical buildings.
This picture is Holy Soul church’s courtyard, Homs.

And this one is Umznnar church’s courtyard.

Syria. Homs. The Holy Soul Church كنيسة الروح القدس في حمص