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Orontes River Basin. Yakubiye, Qneyye Villages through Darkush Road

Springtime scenes from the green countryside of Idlib, the road of Darkush town, and Yakubiye and Qneyye villages.

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yakubiye2009-04-03-s3 Yakubiye St. Anna Church Courtyard 2009-04-03-s6 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s9 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s11 qneyye2009-04-03-s28 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s2 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s15a


Yakubiye Summer Scene

St. Anna Church

IMG_1394Yakubiye VillageIMG_1381IMG_1376IMG_1367IMG_1346IMG_1405IMG_1366IMG_1358IMG_1345IMG_1343



Do You Want To Light Candles?Yakubiye is an old Armenian village, where Armenians lived here since 1000 years. The population has shrinked and a lot of them migrated to Armenia, in 20-th century. Still there are people who stay in ancestors’ lands, in beautiful olive yards, and enjoying the magnicficent old church of St. Anna. Pilgrims come here in summer, in a day called “St. Anna’s Day”, who celebrate the commemoration of her.

St. Anna Church, YakubiyeSt. Anna PaintingSt. Anna Church, YakubiyeSt. Anna Church, YakubiyeSt. Anna Church, Icons. YakubiyeSt. Anna Church Icons, YakubiyeSt. Anna Church, YakubiyeSt. Anna PaintingSt. Anna Church Court, YakubiyeSt. Anna Church Court's Natural Springs' Water Taps

Here are some pictures from the court of the church, and around, how Yakubiye is seen.

Yakubiye FloraYakubiye, St. Anna Church's RoadYakubiye, A Villager's HomeYakubiye FloraYakubiye FloraYakubiye St. Anna Church CourtYakubiye Panorama

Yakubiye area nature scenes.

Yakubiye Area Nature

Yakubiye Area NatureYakubiye Area NatureYakubiye Area NatureYakubiye Nature

Another monastery in Yakubiye.

Yakubiye, School And Monastery

Yakubiye, Monastery CourtYakubiye, SchoolThe Fence of Laitn Monastery, YakubiyeYakubiye, Latin ChurchYakubiye, Latin MonasteryYakubiye, Latin Monastery

Another small relatively new church, St. Hripsime.

Yakubiye. St. Hripsime ChurchYakubiye. St. Hripsime ChurchYakubiye. St. Hripsime ChurchYakubiye