We are two photographers, just here to show the world the diverse Syria. Syria is a historical paradise, beautiful nature, handsome people and heaven for visitors.

I am Hovic Atokian here.

My friend’s Abd Chanta’s site is Syria Winks.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. nameer 04/01/2008 at 08:25 Reply

    nice work hovic
    i like it too much and i will try to spread it out all the world

  2. bibomedia.com 07/03/2008 at 12:35 Reply


  3. hovic 10/03/2008 at 09:40 Reply

    Thanks nameer and bibomedia for coming here. I enjoy Syria historical sites much.

  4. mama 14/01/2009 at 11:44 Reply

    This site is really amazing. I am going to pass it to friends around the world, so they can really know the true beauty of Syria.

    Keep up the good work

  5. martin 14/03/2009 at 00:03 Reply

    Great site – great photos.. and great for researching my upcoming trip 😉 xx

  6. hadi 29/04/2010 at 17:11 Reply

    hi man, am so interested in ur work, with ur friend.
    its really amazing work i found by google, while i was starting with my friend similar project on syrian history wikipedia
    maybe if u contact me, we could do something bigger for syria .
    ps; i posted it on ur friends page 🙂

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