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Aleppo City Center

Aleppo 2010-10-30_05Aleppo Downtown شارع شكري قوتلي حلبAleppo 2010-10-30_04Aleppo 2010-10-30_03Aleppo 2010-10-30_02Aleppo 2010-10-30_01aleppo 2010-12-18__13aleppo 2010-12-18__11aleppo 2010-12-18__06 hotelaleppo 2010-12-18__04 hotelaleppo 2010-12-18__03. Shukri Quatli Streetaleppo 2010-12-18__07


Bab Ayan

bab ayan 2010-10-29  009

bab ayan 2010-10-29  014bab ayan 2010-10-29  005bab ayan 2010-10-29  013bab ayan 2010-10-29  011bab ayan 2010-10-29  010bab ayan 2010-10-29  028bab ayan 2010-10-29  006

Aleppo and Its Countryside

Rain and Clouds

StonesRainy Day in Aleppo CountrysideRainy Day in Aleppo CountrysideClouds Over Aleppo CountrysideAfter RainAfter RainOctober's Clouds

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