Another byzantine era ruins hidden in the mountains near Hattan village comes to eye just after few kilometers along a narrow road.

banaqfur 2010-04-02_c038banaqfur 2010-04-02_c033banaqfur 2010-04-02_c031banaqfur 2010-04-02_c030banaqfur 2010-04-02_c028banaqfur 2010-04-02_c023banaqfur 2010-04-02_c017banaqfur 2010-04-02_c016banaqfur 2010-04-02_z01banaqfur 2010-04-02_c013banaqfur 2010-04-02_c008banaqfur 2010-04-02_c007banaqfur 2010-04-02_c003banaqfur 2010-04-02_c002banaqfur 2010-04-02_c018


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