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raqqa mosqueraqqa mosqueraqqa mosque


Rahbeh Castle

Rahbe CastleRahbe Castle

Rahbe Castle

Armenian Monument in Marqada

Armenian Monument Dedicated to 1915 Victims in MarkadehArmenian Monument Dedicated to 1915 Victims in Markadeh

Sukkara Castle

abdulaziz mountain sukkara castle

abdulaziz mountain sukkara castleAbdulaziz Mountainabdulaziz mountain sukkara castleShepherd's Dog in abdulaziz mountainShepherd in abdulaziz mountain sukkara castle

Dura Europos

Dura Europos

Dura-Europos was a Hellenistic, Parthian and Roman border city built on an escarpment ninety meters above the right bank of the Euphrates river.

It is located near the village of Salhiyé, in today’s Syria (34°44.82′N 40°43.85′E / 34.747°N 40.73083°E / 34.747; 40.73083).

Dura-Europos is extremely important for archaeological reasons. As it was abandoned after its conquest in 256–7, nothing was built over it and no later building programs obscured the architectonic features of the ancient city. Its location on the edge of empires meant for a co-mingling of cultural traditions, much of which was preserved under the city’s ruins. Some remarkable finds have been brought to light, including numerous temples, wall decorations, inscriptions, military equipment, tombs, and even dramatic evidence of the Sassanian siege during the Imperial Roman period which led to the site’s abandonment.

Dura Europos

Dura Europos

Sarjella – To Be World Heritage Site

Sarjella سرجيلا

Sarjella سرجيلاSarjella سرجيلاSarjella سرجيلاسرجيلا SarjellaSarjella سرجيلاسرجيلا Sarjellaسرجيلا SarjellaSarjella سرجيلاسرجيلا Sarjellaسرجيلا Sarjella


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