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The best color of the sea…
A trip to Arwad Island… worth seeing the blue sea and moving like in a see-saw on the boats

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The nearby monastery of st. George

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Pictures by Lomo

Lomo is a fantastic camera. It’s a film camera, soviet production, which originally was produced for limited-income people. Now after the advent of digitals, Lomo made a robust return, photographers fell in love with it, because it gives you different view away from what you see. It is unpredictable, and so wonderful.

A View in Muhambel, Orontes River BasinA View in Muhambel, Orontes River BasinFlowers Sold at the RoadsForests of Furroloq, Kesab RegionForests of Furroloq, Kesab RegionNabaeen Village, Environs of KesabKesab, Chinar VillageAleppo City, Jamiliye StreetsStones

These are by zenit:

Qasr Ibn Wardan, the ChurchWastani MountainsWastani Mountains