One of the “dead cities” in the Aleppo and Idlib countryside laid on west of Aleppo near Sarmada town. The place lies on a high hill overlooking the road going to Turkey at Bab Alhawa frontier.

Dead Cities are dwellings which flourished between 2-nd and 7-th centuries, their main economy was olive industry, so you can find traces of these everywhere – olive oil mills.


kseibjeh2009-04-24-h74 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h84 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h83 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h65 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h82 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h63 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h80 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h78 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h75 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h73 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h50 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h72 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h64 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h62 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h60 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h55 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h53 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h49 tall-karameh2004-04-24 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h47 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h45 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h44 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h43 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h34 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h30 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h24 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h22 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h20 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h19 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h11 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h18 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h16 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h15 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h14 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h13 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h12 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h8 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h7 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h3 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h2 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h1 dana2009-04-24-h5 dana2009-04-24-h4

Syrian Countryside Flowers:

flora2009-04-24-h3 flora2009-04-24-h2 flora2009-04-24-h1


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