Orontes River Basin. Yakubiye, Qneyye Villages through Darkush Road

Springtime scenes from the green countryside of Idlib, the road of Darkush town, and Yakubiye and Qneyye villages.

qneyye2009-04-03-s1 Qneyye Mar Yousef Church qneyye2009-04-03-s6 qneyye2009-04-03-s11 qneyye2009-04-03-s13 qneyye2009-04-03-s14 qneyye2009-04-03-s15 qneyye2009-04-03-s23 qneyye2009-04-03-s25 qneyye2009-04-03-s26

yakubiye2009-04-03-s3 Yakubiye St. Anna Church Courtyard 2009-04-03-s6 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s9 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s11 qneyye2009-04-03-s28 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s2 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s15a


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