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One of the “dead cities” in the Aleppo and Idlib countryside laid on west of Aleppo near Sarmada town. The place lies on a high hill overlooking the road going to Turkey at Bab Alhawa frontier.

Dead Cities are dwellings which flourished between 2-nd and 7-th centuries, their main economy was olive industry, so you can find traces of these everywhere – olive oil mills.


kseibjeh2009-04-24-h74 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h84 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h83 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h65 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h82 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h63 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h80 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h78 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h75 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h73 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h50 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h72 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h64 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h62 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h60 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h55 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h53 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h49 tall-karameh2004-04-24 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h47 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h45 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h44 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h43 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h34 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h30 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h24 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h22 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h20 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h19 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h11 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h18 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h16 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h15 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h14 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h13 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h12 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h8 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h7 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h3 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h2 kseibjeh2009-04-24-h1 dana2009-04-24-h5 dana2009-04-24-h4

Syrian Countryside Flowers:

flora2009-04-24-h3 flora2009-04-24-h2 flora2009-04-24-h1


A Close Look to The Cathedral of St. Simeon Stylite


simeon2009-04-17-h31 simeon2009-04-17-h2 simeon2009-04-17-h29 simeon2009-04-17-h28 simeon2009-04-17-h14 simeon2009-04-17-h20 simeon2009-04-17-h11 simeon2009-04-17-h12 simeon2009-04-17-h10 simeon2009-04-17-h13

The countryside around:

simeon2009-04-17-h16 simeon2009-04-17-h18 simeon2009-04-17-h21 simeon2009-04-17-h15 simeon2009-04-17-h37 simeon2009-04-17-h33 simeon2009-04-17-h17 simeon2009-04-17-h5

A World Heritage Site. Wiki links at:


Mediterranean Sea Seen From Samra

Kesab Streets The Catholic Church in Kesab The Catholic Church in Kesab Nabaeen Village Road Kesab. View From The Slope of Mountain Aqraa Kesab. View From Nabaeen Armenian Church - Kesab Nabaeen Village Near Kesab View From The Home We Stayed Nabaeen. Shade Cloudy in Samra Old Samra Homes Old Armenian Church Cloudy in Samra Seaside Flora Mediterranean Sea at Kesab Mediterranean Waters At The Mediterranean Shore in Kesab Going Down To The Seashore Mediterranean Sea at Kesab Old Homes at Samra Village Samra Village Near the Sea

Orontes River Basin. Yakubiye, Qneyye Villages through Darkush Road

Springtime scenes from the green countryside of Idlib, the road of Darkush town, and Yakubiye and Qneyye villages.

qneyye2009-04-03-s1 Qneyye Mar Yousef Church qneyye2009-04-03-s6 qneyye2009-04-03-s11 qneyye2009-04-03-s13 qneyye2009-04-03-s14 qneyye2009-04-03-s15 qneyye2009-04-03-s23 qneyye2009-04-03-s25 qneyye2009-04-03-s26

yakubiye2009-04-03-s3 Yakubiye St. Anna Church Courtyard 2009-04-03-s6 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s9 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s11 qneyye2009-04-03-s28 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s2 idlibCountryside2009-04-03-s15a