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St. Teqla church

Found near St. Simeon cathedral, and remained only the facade.

St. Teqla church

St. Teqla church


The open museum-like thing: Kharab Alshams

Kharab Alshams church

Kharab Alshams church Spring flora Spring flora Kharab Alshams church Kharab Alshams church Kharab Alshams church

Burj Haidar village ruins

One of ruins remnants lie in the yard of a habitable home in this village.

Burj Haidar village's Byzantine ruins

Village house Village house Burj Haidar village's Byzantine ruins Flora Burj Haidar village's Byzantine ruins

Surqania location: Byzantine era monastery

The ruined church of Surqania. 1500 years old

Surqania Surqania Surqania Surqania Now spring in west of Aleppo Surqania Limestone Massifs of west Aleppo Surqania Surqania

Northwest Syria: Kasab

Church in Kesab Kesab village-town in northwestern Syria DSC01251 DSC01250 DSC01247 General view of Kesab from mountainside DSC01242 DSC01240 DSC01239 DSC01237 DSC01232 DSC01230 DSC01229 DSC01228 DSC01224 DSC01223 DSC01222 DSC01219 DSC01218 DSC01216 DSC01215 DSC01214 DSC01209 DSC01208 DSC01206 DSC01205 DSC01204 DSC01198 DSC01197 DSC01195 DSC01193 DSC01192 DSC01191 DSC01190 DSC01189 DSC01187 DSC01185 DSC01184 DSC01182 DSC01180 DSC01179 DSC01177 DSC01176 DSC01175 DSC01174 DSC01173 DSC01168 DSC01167 DSC01166 DSC01165 DSC01164 DSC01163 DSC01161 DSC01160 DSC01156 DSC01151 DSC01147 DSC01146 DSC01144

Kasab’s Samra region:


DSC01143 DSC01137 DSC01136 DSC01135 DSC01134 DSC01132 DSC01128 DSC01127 DSC01126 DSC01119 DSC01114 DSC01113 DSC01111 DSC01110 DSC01107 DSC01105 DSC01101 DSC01098 DSC01095 DSC01094 DSC01093 DSC01092 DSC01091 DSC01090 DSC01089 DSC01087 DSC01085 DSC01084 DSC01082 DSC01081 DSC01077 DSC01076 DSC01069 DSC01068 DSC01067 DSC01065 DSC01064 DSC01061

Telanissos. Der Samaan


These ruins are part of St. Simeon cathedral area. They are believed to be the whole complex of a monastery used to be here.
See wikipedia entry for this information about St. Simeon Stylite.

Telanissos-78 Telanissos-77 Telanissos-75 Telanissos-74 Telanissos-66 Telanissos-63 Telanissos-61 Telanissos-58 Telanissos-55 Telanissos-46 Telanissos-40 Telanissos-38 Telanissos-37 Telanissos-34 Telanissos-31 Telanissos-29 Telanissos-28 Telanissos-26 Telanissos-20 Telanissos-14 Telanissos-13 Spring Flora Spring Flora Telanissos-2 Telanissos-4 Telanissos-1