Qasr Al-Heer Al-Gharbi قصر الحير الغربي

The weather was so nice here now in winter! In the depths of Syrian Desert, which is called Al-Badiye, truly not desert, kind of grass containing lands, where Bedouins ramble, found the palace of Omayyad kalif Hisham Abdul-Malek.

It is said that kalif went to hunting there, it was his resort and favorite place.

Nothing much remained from the palace, the front is now in Damascus museum, plus other pieces of statues describing kalif Hisham.

A link to palace’s history:

Long roads with smooth drive. Enjoy the silence.

Photos from Flickr linking here:
Al-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace RuinsStones Of Qasr Al-Heer Al-GharbiRuins Of Al-Heer Al-Gharbi PalaceAl-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace RemnantsAl-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace WallsAl-Heer Al-Gharbi PalaceAl-Heer Al-Gharbi PalaceAl-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace Remnants

Al-Heer Al-Gharbi Palace


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