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Lake Ein Mrezeh بحيرة عين مريزة

These pictures are from near to autostrade Homs-Tartous.


Misyaf Castle قلعة المصياف

Apamea Ruins (Afamia) آثار افاميا

55 km to the northwest of Hama, Syria, overlooking the Ghab valley. It was fortified and enlarged by Seleucus I Nicator in 300 BC, who so named it after his Bactrian wife, Apame.

The acropolis hill is now occupied by the ruins called Kalat el-Mudik (Kŭlat el-Mudîk). The ruins of a highly ornamental character, and of an enormous extent, are still standing, the remains, probably, of the temples of which Sozomen speaks (vii. 15); part of the town is enclosed in an ancient castle situated on a hill; the remainder is to be found in the plain.

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museum madik apamea 06022009 06

Apamea Museum in Mudik Town متحف افاميا وقلعة المضيق

Something From History. Ard Alajjour Quarter

Ard Alajjour is an old quarter in Aleppo, once lived here Armenians. Here they first came in 1915. A church was built then, which is still working.

Autumn And Rains

Autumn already and finally came to Aleppo. Yellow cover on all plants, gives them a special hue, even not found in microsoft colors’ spectrum.

Heavy rains followed the sudden cooling of weather, and Aleppo swam in waters.

Don’t blame the sky, this can happen in any country! Look to Europe’s Danub basin what happens every year! 🙂

Red Leaves of AutumnAutumn ScenesAutumn ScenesAutumn Scenes

Do You Know What Is This?

Night Shots in Aleppo Streets

Those who knew Aleppo before, will find a huge change especially in small super-markets, car selling stations, and other establishments, which all expend a lot on lightings and decoration.