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Landscapes Around Ein Dara Region

The landscapes around Ein Dara region is characterized by yellowish burned fields, with scattered olive trees, and solitary houses, rivers, and hills.

The typical Syrian village in this area. Many glued houses side by side, but also seperate ones, with brick colored stones, and solitary trees.

The Ein Dara ruins’ guardian’s house. Very typical Syrian building of 50-60ies, which quite resemble some train stations in north Syria.


Ein Dara


Ein Dara ruins are found on a hill north Syria, 75 km from Aleppo. The remnants are from Arabic, Byzantine, Hellenic and Aramean era. The most important part is a temple from 10-th century B.C, ornamented by basaltic stone plates from outside and animal shapes like lions and bulls carved into it. Posted by Picasa

Kesab – Trip 2

My second trip to Kesab this summer collected these.

This is Kesab’s front to sea. Here is visible Mediterranean Sea from high horizon, and it is only 5 km to reach the shore.

This is Kesab town (or downtown), the main kornish. The village-resort town is almost 2500 people in winter, and double or triple in summer. Saved in 1939, from being another country’s possession.

Aleppo Churches

Armenian 40 Martyrs Church.
You can see pictures of other churches by clicking just on the pic above.

Or you can come here to see individually.

The first pics are the court of the church, and then inside it.

Various churches’ pictures.

St. Mary Church (Mariam Asdvadzadzin)

Aleppo Omayyad Mosque الجامع الاموي بحلب

Aleppo Omayyad Great Mosque.
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Kesab Pictures cont.

Some pictures from my Kesab trip. Maybe these posts are unrelated to the current situation, but in the far perspectives, it is also related to our reality. LOVELY COUNTRY!