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Enjoy The Northern Syria


The Pink Street

The Pink Street
Originally uploaded by hovic.

Maybe it is nothing to do with Pink Panther, and it is not so pink,

but I don’t know why this pic came out pink.

Ok, and I love Pink Panther.

Aleppo, Syria.

Dusk Time In Aziziye Street

Dusk Time in Aziziye street
Originally uploaded by hovic.

This is one of the aziziye streets, where are many beautiful shops

mostly cloth-wear, and some restaurants and food cake and juice shops.

Aleppo, Syria.

Al-Sultaniyeh Mosque. Madrasa

Aleppo, against the entrance door of the citadel.

Inside the mosque (also madrasa) you can see here:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

And a night pic in the court inside.

Hammam Yalbougha

One of the oldest hammams (bathrooms) of Aleppo.

Aleppo Old Steets. Shops Sells Souvenirs

Aleppo old steets. Shops sells souvenirs.

Copper made souvenirs, and clothings.

Covers, carpets.

Uploaded by hovic

Aleppo Sbee Bahrat Street شارع سبع البحرات