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Surely Brazilian Fans Are The Most!

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Football, Brazil, flag, fan, mad.


Football Mads


We can call the people of Aleppo football mads. Especially at least in my surrounding streets. You even see two different competing countries flags in one home! There you hear often arguments and quarrels because of football.

Aleppo Panorama

This is the most viewed scene of Aleppo, since it is taken from the citadel, which is in its turn has being visited mostly by people. Different pictures are taken, and in different daytimes, and the one here represents the ‘prototype’ as it is taken at noon, and in the northward direction.

Cafe Around The Citadel

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Citadel of Aleppo, Syria.

Sheizer Citadel And Area Around It


The road passes through many villages and the biggest is Maharde, when you enter Hama district, going westward to the mountains. But before you reach the mountains, you came to this citadel.
There is also a look to the river Orontes (Al-aassi). Posted by Picasa

Knights’ Castle – Inside

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Syrian Coastal Mountains. Nasara Valley


This area is one of Syria’s beautiful natures with its specific colors. Maybe not the greenest part of Syria, but still colorful, and interesting.
Wadi Nasara, has not much forests like Kesab (east and north Lattakia region), but the regino is full of historical sites, and different cultural groups.


This is the southern point in Wadi Nasara, just near to autostrade Homs-Tartous. Green hills and plains, bearing the products of the work of people. Here the altitude is some 500m. As the road continues, you go northward to the resorts of the area.