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The Mashbak Palace

Mushabbak (Al-Mashbak) Palace: From Dead Cities area.
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Aleppo Citadel Night Pics

How People Of The World Watched The Eclipse?


A group of school children look at the solar eclipse in Accra, Ghana, Wednesday, March 29, 2006. Schoolchildren cheered Wednesday as the eclipse plunged Ghana into daytime darkness.

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Another Picture Of The Eclipse Of Sun

Another picture of the eclipse of Sun.
Here is also on the right side you see the eclipsed part. 12:58h
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Solar Eclipse In Aleppo By My Cam

Solar Eclipse in Aleppo by my cam.
At about 14:00 it happened to be the most elipsed view of the sun.
This pic I have taken today at that time. 12:56h
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Mazar Mash-had Al Huseini

Mazar Mash-had Al-huseini. This is found on the outskirts of Aleppo, now inside. Just near to Radio station.
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Al-Ghab Area

This is located between Idlib and Hama regions. There flows Orontes river (Al-Assi), well known in history.Here precipitations are abundant, so has it green color, rich soil for crops. A tiny beautiful lake, just we were passing by, noted for its shining water, friendly surroundnig.