Al Shibani Monastery

Al Shibani monastery is found south to citadel of Aleppo. It is among many old destinations, buildings, khans, mosques…etc. It has now a museum, which contains the solid map of Aleppo seen from above, as you are in a plane.  Posted by Picasa


4 thoughts on “Al Shibani Monastery

  1. Rami 01/01/2006 at 15:29 Reply

    Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
    (P.s. what’s your e-mail?!)

  2. Anonymous 01/01/2006 at 20:35 Reply

    there r a lot of archiological sites in aleppo
    thanks aleppian for your focus on it

  3. aleppian 01/01/2006 at 22:03 Reply

    hello guys,
    thank you for kind words.
    Rami, my email is
    the mail domain is
    i’m writing so, just to escape spammers’ automatic address gathering software.

  4. aleppian 02/01/2006 at 00:41 Reply

    thanks for all for new year celebration. and the same to you all.
    let this year be our victory against evil forces.

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