Der Mar Mousa General View

This is not from plane :), just the opposite hill (maybe mountain), a rocky one, you may choose many points to take the picture, the one I got is this.
There were museum in the monastery, which you can see there, the same view many years before, comparing now, it was so poor view, with the missing roofs, and many walls of the church destroyed partly. Now reconstructed, is a magnetic place for hikers, believers, heretics, atheists, students, and tourists.

This is the day after, while on return home.

2 thoughts on “Der Mar Mousa General View

  1. Ghalia 07/11/2005 at 21:41 Reply

    Wow, great photo! I’ve been told one to visit mar mousa, but I was very lazy to go, now I regret it:(

  2. Anonymous 22/02/2007 at 17:54 Reply

    لا تتخيل كم انا سعيدة اني عثرت على مدونتك الرائعة
    اشتقت لرائحة دير مارموسى
    شكرا لك لانك اعدت لي ذكرى هذا المكان الجميل والناس اتلطيبين الذين يعيشون فيه
    شكرا هوفيك


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