Just Syria!

Thanks Ghalia, Tolerant Damascene, Bassam, Front bumper, no-one, and anonymous people who visited and commented. I can’t mention (remember) all.


10 thoughts on “Just Syria!

  1. Anonymous 05/11/2005 at 22:23 Reply

    Support Syrian people who are caught in the middle! Check the new Friends of Syria website and sign the list.

  2. Yazan 05/11/2005 at 22:47 Reply


    I love this pic!

  3. Ghalia 07/11/2005 at 21:35 Reply

    Thank YOU, don’t mention it:)

  4. Basil - باسل 18/11/2005 at 21:58 Reply

    Hi Aleppian. I have been to shahbah a lot and i really liked your blog. I am having trouble putting pictures on my blog though so do you have any suggestions? http://www.alepsyria.blogspot.com

  5. aleppian 19/11/2005 at 11:33 Reply

    i dont know what is the trouble, explain your idea more precisely.
    there is picture icon in blogger editor, you can use it, 2-ndly the Hello program is quite complicated, it is weird to use, and 3-rdly you can use an external site picture to link to the post.

  6. Basil - باسل 19/11/2005 at 22:13 Reply

    Well when I use the picture icon it never actually puts a picture on my blog but now I use picasa and I am alright now but it is just more time consuming.

  7. aleppian 20/11/2005 at 05:41 Reply

    yes, you are right, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t work, it seems to me it is due to our poor connection, or blogger’s site sometimes is off.
    Anyway i like Picasa, it is cool, and good for organizing pictures, and resizing or adding some brightness.

  8. Basil - باسل 20/11/2005 at 18:05 Reply

    By the way I am not in Syria I am in the UK and I have a good connection but my Internet Provider has high security and it does not allow what it recognises as a threat so I am guessing it is this that is stopping me. I have visited Syria before and it is really nice.

  9. aleppian 20/11/2005 at 19:40 Reply

    Yes, it maybe, but still i have doubt about that, so you must try, what can i tell more i don’t know.
    welcome. what do you do in england?

  10. Basil - باسل 27/11/2005 at 18:53 Reply

    I am still in school.

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