Kids Syrian

These kids I met them while playing outdoors at aleppo old streets. They asked me to photograph them. I was happy to take a shot of them, as they show syrian faces. Nearby, they asked me to photograph the pigeons. I suddenly remembered that bird flu nowadays is a matter often discussed and warned, so I gave them a little lesson about hygene. Fortunately one of them said that they know it, they don’t touch them, and I added that after each playing in the street, you have to wash your hands by soap and water.


3 thoughts on “Kids Syrian

  1. Yazan 29/10/2005 at 13:43 Reply

    look at their faces, great shot!!!

    btw, Just found ur blog… AWSOME WORK!!
    I was in aleppo just a week ago.. it’s a really mixed up city!!
    I still can’t make up my mind whether I like it or not!!

    I had a post about it,

    anyways, REALLY Really nice work,

  2. aleppian 29/10/2005 at 14:01 Reply

    thanks for the comment, front bumper!

  3. Tolerant Damascene 30/10/2005 at 19:19 Reply

    Nice photo. It’s good that you gave them some advise 😉

    I really enjoyed the other photos posted. Keep up the good work 🙂

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