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Greetings From Aleppo To Syrian Bloggers

كل عام وانتم بخير ، عيد سعيد

bread aleppo old streets


Thanks For All Commentators In Advance

Syria is full of history, and I love the historic sites, and love also going to these spots. All pictures in my post are mine. My not-so-smart digital camera helps to produce this blog. Thanks in advance for who comments. I would be happy if my blog frees you from daily routine and makes a smile on your face.

Aleppo Museum Front

Kids Syrian

These kids I met them while playing outdoors at aleppo old streets. They asked me to photograph them. I was happy to take a shot of them, as they show syrian faces. Nearby, they asked me to photograph the pigeons. I suddenly remembered that bird flu nowadays is a matter often discussed and warned, so I gave them a little lesson about hygene. Fortunately one of them said that they know it, they don’t touch them, and I added that after each playing in the street, you have to wash your hands by soap and water.

Aleppo, Jamiliye Streets

Jamiliye quarter, Aleppo
One of the oldest streets in Aleppo, contains the railway stations
offices, the rails, aleppo post office, and many other governmental
In one of the side-slopes of the railway you see a reproduction of the old locomotive, which was used in 40-ies. I remember it was being used till seventies. Because Jamiliye is full of offices, trade centers, computer dealers, big food shops, there is hardly space to park your car. Beside those you see the contrast of poor and rich. As in one of my pics, the fruit and veggie sellers’ carts, are being seen in the pics.

Aleppo Old Streets

This is the syriac quarter, called by local spelling siria~n quarter. Old homes, but cooler in summer, and more comfortable for living.

Football, Syrian Youngs

Sometimes it is fun to play without shoes. Although it can hurt your soles, but it helps you to have stronger soles, stronger character! In England, physicians discovered that too much clean and careful feet, not stepping on anything hard, may make you weak. The contemporary medicine recommends to walk on grass for your feet health.