Armenia, Yerevan, Aragast Restaurant And Garden

Hello guys, now a little far from Aleppo. This is the ship-like restaurant in the middle of Yerevan. You can enjoy the different ways of these restaurants, cafe-s, and different music in each. أرمينيا ، يريفان ، مطعم الشراع


4 thoughts on “Armenia, Yerevan, Aragast Restaurant And Garden

  1. Dina 18/08/2005 at 22:25 Reply

    Looks great!

  2. Ayman 19/08/2005 at 11:49 Reply

    Are you in Armenia now?

  3. Ghalia 21/08/2005 at 23:32 Reply

    Looks great, did u go there?

  4. aleppian 22/08/2005 at 06:20 Reply

    Yes, I was there last summer, it is quite unique place, with a huge lake-like pool in front, and around a garden with benches.

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