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Syria Aleppo. Alrahman Mosque


Aleppo, Downtown Aziziye Area

I will focus my pictures here again on this area, because the importance of this area as one of oldest streets of Aleppo, and which witnessed many events, many famous people’s visits, or their homes.
There are also one of most prestigious schools in Aleppo, it is Armenian Central Benevolent School after Najarian, Kulbengian donors, and the city’s most frequented hall, Armenian Theatre.
There is also Italian hospital (now stopped to be that), numerous fast food restaurants, Wanes, Shallal, Rif, Best Cup, and many others, the famous Alzilal (Shadows) recordings shop, cloths shops, churches, patriarcharies.

Welcome To Aleppo

Welcome to Aleppo.

Aleppo, Chaldean Church

Aleppo, Chaldean church.

Armenia, Yerevan, Valley Inside City

This valley maybe considered somewhere in the nature. But this is located in the city!
River Razdan is flowing in it. There are restaurants and cafe-s in the valley. One of them on boat-like structure.

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The Clock Of Bab Al-Faraj, Center Of Aleppo

This clock’s is one of oldest in the city. Now this clock is working after being stopped for years.

Aleppo Old Town

Here you can see the Aleppo old town, with its antique selling shops. This is Jdeide street, which harbors also famous eastern style restaurants.

Nowadays, all “daraba” called tin doors of shops are replaced with beautiful, wooden made doors, expressing eastern looks. Here is Jdeideh. الجديدة