Where Children Should Play In A City Such As Aleppo?

Where children should play in a city such as Aleppo?
Every year a number up to 8000 people die in accident crashes, and children comprise majority of it. While they don’t have a piece of ground to play on it, they are frequently victims of rushing careless drivers.

I made a comparison of cities’ areas, as to inhabitants, to compare spaces allocated to people. These spaces have also strategic meanings, in containing evacuation matters in times of natural disasters (earthquake) or other ones (wars, violence)

Here is a table, which speaks itself:

City Area Population Density inh.
Aleppo 65 km2- 2 200 000- 33 000/km2
Damascus 100 km2- 3 000 000- 30 000/km2
Kiev 800 km2 -2 600 000 -3200/km2
Toronto 630 km2 -2 460 000- 3900/km2
Yerevan 180 km2- 1 200 000- 6600/km2
Moscow 1100 km2- 10 000 000- 9000/km2
London 1500 km2- 10 000 000- 6600/km2

Look at the bottom pictures of some cities, it is visible the density how should it be.
As to Kiev, I think there is a forest in the city 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where Children Should Play In A City Such As Aleppo?

  1. Omar 14/07/2005 at 01:46 Reply

    Very interesting post. I suffered my self from this back in Syria, we would be yelled at by neighbours for playing in the streets although that was our only retreat. Not to mention, the extra care we had to take, trying to avoid hitting parked cars with our soccer ball, or getting the ball stuck on the neighbours; balcony. In canada, there’s a soccer field in any 5 km2 area, there’s no shortage of space

  2. Rami 14/07/2005 at 11:49 Reply

    Interesting Statistics…
    I was surprised by the huge diefference between our cities and other metropolitan cities…the 8,000 deaths per year is just tragic…
    Just like Omar, I also suffered a lot from palying in the streets of Aleppo, and I narrowly escaped being hit by a car several times when I was a kid…
    What do you think is the solution?!

  3. aleppian 14/07/2005 at 15:20 Reply

    there are 1/2 solution, making empty areas in the new quarters, because the old city, has no way to be widened.
    but unfortunately, even new areas such as halab-jdide, furqan, shahba, don’t have enough spaces to play children on (but somehow better than aziziye, suleymaniye…which in turn are better than midan, kallase, or sheikh-maksoud…etc.). the matter is dependent on the mentality of people, hence the construction managers. here the space between buildings are considered so precious, that every meter they think should be constructed on.

    widening of streets, will remove a whole series or rank of buildings.

    if we say that this only can happen after centuries when those buildings become subject to be destroyed, even in that case people will build new buildings in the same spot, because the same mentality will prevail, because all are non-governmental companies, who don’t care having strategic spaces in the city… they care about strategic money in their pockets.

  4. Rami 14/07/2005 at 18:10 Reply

    I agree with you Aleppian…
    I personally think that the damagae done is beyond repair, and it will take a couple of generations and huge govenment efforts to fix this…
    Let’s just pray that they will stay away from Al-Mashtal and Al-Sabil…

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