Vartavar today

Now Armenians worldwide celebrate this event as people splash water onto each other in the streets, buildings, fields, and everywhere.

We in Aleppo, on Sunday 3 July, together with our non-Armenian neighbours are playing water-splash in this hot summer day. It is really fun. Try to cool yourselves by water plays, and please don�t be harsh if you expect not to be watered, but a child comes to splash you.

Syrian bloggers, come to Aleppo to celebrate this!


5 thoughts on “Vartavar

  1. thecutter 03/07/2005 at 14:15 Reply

    sound like great fun! Here in Italy, on 15 August (the Immaculate Conception) we do the same, but only along the beach. I remember when I was pregnant, with a huge belly, and fearing that I would be splashed, because there is an unwritten rule that old people, handicapped people and pregant woman must be avoided. Actually, only some rude teens didn’t consider who was in firing range when they exploded, but other than that, I sat in my beach chair and watched it.

  2. Rami 04/07/2005 at 22:18 Reply

    I have always wondered what is the origin of 3id el-reshesheh (Reshesheh holiday!!!)…
    So the Armenian resheshe is always on July 3rd…
    but why do we have another reshesheh on a differnt day?!

  3. aleppian 05/07/2005 at 06:53 Reply

    it is interesting that in Italy also people know water splash… hehehe..
    but i dont think you would be offended even pregnant? it’s all fun in a hot summer day.

    the celebration is calculated that it be approximately after 98 days counting from the Easter. So it will happen every year in a different day (but surely always in July). Only the difference that in Armenia they play just on the Sunday, and in diaspora on Monday.

  4. Tolerant Damascene 12/07/2005 at 07:25 Reply

    looks like it was so much fun 😀

  5. aleppian 12/07/2005 at 07:43 Reply

    Yes, Ayman, I have been in these water splashing fun many times, especially with friends, or people who accept to be splashed hehehe

    this year i didn’t…

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