Vartavar, Symbol Of Transfiguration

Vartavar, symbol of Transfiguration

Vartavar (Vardavar as to eastern Armenian spelling) is an Armenian pre-Christian era celebration. The organizer of the early Christian era in Armenia, S. Grigor Illuminator, turned this celebration into the symbol of transfiguration of Jesus Christ.

It was dedicated to the beauty goddess Asdghik, to whom roses were given as gifts. This celebration was related also to the worship of water, fertility and health sponsoring imaginary powers. These festivities took place mainly at water-springs in mountainous areas, where these were considered sacred places.

The ritual of water-worshipping had the intent of asking rains, and preventing the possible drought. Also, Vartavar was the first of festivities for harvest, denoting the reverence to gods, sponsoring the good and generous crops. Then at Christian era, people donated some of crops to churches, to pray at and ensure protection from bad consequences such as grasshopper attack, or hail, also they embroidered doors and houses with trees’ leaves and stalks with flowers. People celebrated the festivities with outdoor dances, chants, and WATER SPLASHING to each other.


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