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Route To Yerevan

Routes of flights between Aleppo and Yerevan

Due to Turkey’s restrictions on flights between Aleppo and Yerevan, the air routes developed as follows:

Red line, represents the oldest route, which took 4 hours to reach Yerevan. It was during the cold war, and as to me, American bases was the forbidden areas to flight over.

Yellow line, took 2,5 hours, it was a later development during eighties.

Green line, is the shortest way, which is now used. It is 780km directly line drawn, declared 850, due to airplane route-curves.

I have flewn all the routes.

N.B.: This article I have posted upon Rami’s question.


Armenian Dance Ensemble Of Aleppo Armenian Youth Club

Armenian dance is famous for its boys masculine energetic, and girls feminine wonderful movements. They have participated in international festivities.
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Armenians in Aleppo

Armenians in Aleppo exist since 14-th century. They were merchants, goldsmiths, leather, silk and carpet manufacturers. They traded productively with Mediterranean cities, Amsterdam, and Marseille.

Armenians built their own schools, churches, sportive and cultural centers.

They fought side by side with Syrian rebels against French colonialism, and imprisoned with them (registered in island Arwad near Tartous) for example, Sarkis Dkhrouni.
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Cherubim is near Seydnaya, it is seen when you are coming to Seydnaya from Maalula.
It is on top of a mountain.
It is a complex of a church, lodgings, monuments.

An Orient Express Station. Aleppo Railway Station

Aleppo railway station is famous for the being one of stops in Orient Express line.
Do you remember Agatha Crisitie’s “Murder in the Orient Express

Chaldean Church, Aleppo, Syria

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Village Nasira Near Marmarita

This is a village near Der Mar Georges (St Georges monastery), directly looking from the hill nearby.