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North-west Syrian coastal region

Mediterranean sea at Badrusiye

Syrian coastal region is beautiful especially in the north-west part. There you can find forests of Furolloq, the little town of Kesab (Kassab), and seaside dwellings of Ras El-Basit and Badrusiye. The coastal road is a beautiful one extending from Lattakia to north to these areas. The road is widened lately and it is comfortable to drive and enjoy the surrounding wonderful nature. Here are some pictures of what it presents:

Mediterranean sea at Badrusiye Mediterranean sea at Badrusiye Mediterranean sea Little dinasaur Simple and calm Welcome to Kesab road sign Simple and calm Ras El-Basit Ras El-Basit little coastal area Simple and calm Coastal road at Ras El-Basit Lattakia - Kesab road Green Rocky coast A little lake on road to Ras El-Basit

Ras El-Basit seaside

Clouds Parade

Branches Sustain

What happens if you go directly after heavy rain outside to see the horizon?
Come and see these clouds on St. Simeon Cathedral ruins!

Clouds On St. Simeon CathedralStones Happy With Sunlight After Heavy RainCloudsClouds And LightsClouds And Lights After RainAfter Stormy Rain

A Bit Of Sunrays

Sad WeatherSt. Simeon Cathedral CourtSky WinterHere Were PeopleFrom The PastAt The Edge OfClouds PlaySky Details

Like A Painting


Mashkita, Lattakia District. Syria

A beautiful resort, village and nature in the Lattakia province.

Mashkita, Lattakia District. SyriaLake Near MashkitaBalcony Of WoodMashkita, Lattakia District. Syria

Forests Of Furolloq. North-West Syrian Nature

Wooden Balconies In Forests - Furolloq

Furolloq forests are most wonderful tree-covered areas in Syria. Autumn scenes are especially beautiful. Unfortunately these places suffered fires in Summer. Now there are more police to watch around, and people also should be cautious for fire.

Wooden Balconies In Forests - FurolloqFurolloq ForestsAutumn Scenes In Furolloq ForestsAutumn Scenes In Furolloq ForestsFurolloq ForestsFurolloq ForestsFurolloq Forests

Slenfeh Highlands

Slenfeh is one of most green and wonderful mountain-sides in Syria. There are many summits and highlands full of many kinds of trees. The altitude here is above 1500m, snow in winter, cool in summer. Visitors enjoy the historical sites: Salaheddin castle, Mahalibeh castle, and ancient village of Aramo, where can be found an old church.

West Syria Coastal MountainsSlenfeh HighlandsSlenfeh HighlandsSalaheddin Castle Entrance StairsSalaheddin CastleFacing SunlightSunlightA Stop On Road

Slenfeh Highlands

Syrian Mountains


Village HomeVillage HomeAutumnAutumnAutumnAutumnAutumnAutumn SceneFlora At AleikaAutumn SceneFlora At AleikaAutumnFlora At AleikaVillage Home On The RoadFlora At AleikaHigh On Castle SurfaceFlora At AleikaAutumnRoad Through Coastal MountainsAl-Ghab PlainSyrian Coastal MountainsHigh On Castle Surface

Kesab Area. Color and bw shots.

Kesab Coastal AreaMediterranean Sea PlantsKesab Coastal AreaCountrysideVillage Home In Kesab, North Syria CoastlineKesab Coastal AreaKesab CountrysideWild PlantsKesab CountrysideMediterranean Sea PlantsMediterranean Sea PlantsMediterranean SeaWild PlantsWild PlantsSamra Armenian Church - KesabSamraSamra Armenian Church - Kesab

10 Pictures From Syrian Nature Taken At Different Times

Tartous district

Old monastery in Tartous district: Der Mar Elias Alrih.

Tartous DistrictTartous DistrictOld MonasteryOld MonasteryTartous DistrictTartous DistrictOld MonasteryOld MonasteryMonastery CourtOld MonasteryOld MonasteryOld Monastery

A scene from Tartous district:

Tartous District

Mashta Helou

Statues sculptured by international artists:

Statue Sculptured by International SculpturersStatue Sculptured by International SculpturersStatue Sculptured by International Sculpturers

Mashta Helou. Summer ResortMashta Helou. Summer ResortFlora From Mashta HelouMashta Helou. Summer ResortMashta Helou. Summer ResortMashta Helou. Summer ResortMashta Helou. Summer ResortStatue Sculptured by International SculpturersMashta Helou. The Famous Middle TreeRestaurantMashta Helou. Main StreetRestaurantAnouncements On WallsMashta Helou. Main StreetFlora In Mashta HelouMashta HelouMashta HelouFlora From Mashta HelouMashta Helou. Main StreetMashta Helou. Main StreetMashta Helou. Main StreetBooks And Art Expo In Mashta HelouBooks And Art Expo In Mashta HelouMashta Helou. Main StreetMashta Helou. Main StreetCornsMashta Helou. General ViewMashta Helou. Main StreetMashta Helou. General View


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